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Let’s start at the beginning. For the good part of 12 years, I suffered from chronic panic attacks and anxiety. My days were based on where and who would be available to help me when a panic attack occurred.

As this went on, my body would start to have panic attacks before I was even aware of them. It was terrifying and made me feel very out of control of my life.

After my first pregnancy, my anxiety worsened, and combined with Post Partum Depression, suicidal thoughts started to arise. So naturally, I asked my OB/GYN to put me on anti-depressants. While the medication helped the depression by numbing me, I still had panic attacks…

It was like I was a walking zombie with zero drive, zero emotion, just existing.

Having your first child is a miracle! But I can honestly say I don’t remember the first 3-4 years of my daughter's life. Because I was so dissociated, I couldn’t even be present with her, play with her, or engage in her pure love and being; I wish so so so bad I could get that time back.

During those few years of medication and stress, I developed a thyroid condition, another medical diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and somehow managed to have a second child. During my second pregnancy, I landed on a new thyroid medication that gave me a minor mindset shift. Which led to some challenging self-reflective thoughts like: I feel I’m just existing; what am I doing? I used to be a vibrant, fun person. What happened?

I struggled to accept the things wrong with me, only adding to the anxiety that I was just a sick person. But those thoughts made me realize that if no one else could help me, I’d just help myself.

Through a few stepping stones, I found Dr. Joe Dispenza on an Aubrey Marcus podcast. Everything he said resonated with me deeply, and I dove head-first into the world of meditation. I read the book and did the mediations EVERY DAY for six weeks. And then POOF! I came out as a different woman on the other side of that! For the first time, I looked at the world through rose-colored glasses! It was beautiful finally being fully present, seeing and feeling the beauty in the world around me.

I still get blissful chills through my body when thinking back to it.

The panic attacks still tried to come up during that time, but I now had the tools to recognize them in my body as they came up since I did the work. Show up for me every day; it was truly that simple. I had also reflected on the last 12 years and made a firm decision I would NEVER be living like that person again.

After having experienced the powerful transformation, Dr. Joe’s work did for me using guided meditation; I wanted to take it a step further. I was so inspired by the experiences that I knew creating customized guided meditations was what I wanted to do. This landed in me after reflecting on the trials and tribulations I experienced during my meditation journey and how that process could be much easier and more graceful.

I wasn’t quite sure how I would go about this at the time. However, I knew I would figure it out. I had heard Dr. Joe was a Hypnotist, but beyond that, I didn’t know much. At a couple of events, I kept hearing about Hypnosis school; the same one Dr. Joe had attended some time ago.

It’s funny how the universe constantly sends you signals, some you don’t see, and some are a slap in the face.

After about 12 months of these signs, I started attending Hypnotherapy school, beginning the path to providing graceful transformative custom-guided experiences. The trade sessions I received in school were nothing short of amazing! It felt like I was making exponential jumps in my growth with more ease and less work! I had achieved my intention!

Now I facilitate customized guided meditation journeys using a combination of hypnosis, master imagery facilitation, reiki, and other modalities. Understanding what my clients need is what drives each individual experience. Doing so allows me to guide their Subconscious Minds to lasting change. Generalized guided meditations can be great, but I have witnessed an abundance of growth and transformation when we truly tackle the exact stories and programs that need healing.

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