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Discover the magic my journey led me to create! Below are my current offerings and tools I used to transform my life.


Where talking, intuition and guided journeys create personal transformation. In a nurturing setting, we are able to explore and uncover the inner workings of you.

Using the very skills that changed my life (hypnotherapy, master imagery facilitation, reiki, and more) we are able to access the deep-seated parts of you that are preventing you from living out your fullest potential.

These intuitive sessions are catered specifically to you. No two client sessions are the same.

Let’s work together to curate a plan of action that transforms your subconscious programming into alignment with your dreams. Schedule a discovery to see how we can make your dreams a reality.


Hypnosis is an induced state that relaxes the body and opens the mind.

Using my curated method, we can access and alter the parts of you that run automatically. The same parts that are wreaking havoc on you and your current well-being.

Once accessed, the process is simple and painless.

Holding a loving and supportive space, we allow the automatic programs to arise and be acknowledged by you in a new way. This empowering moment enables you to recognize the hidden parts of you, understand how they were serving you, and gracefully let them go.

We are finally freeing your mind and body from unneeded worry, stress, and fear.

Oracle Readings.

Answer your most desirable questions using an Oracle Reading! An Oracle Reading can give a new perspective on your current situation, paving the way for moving past what you are currently experiencing on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic level. It makes way for discovering your perfect next steps.

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