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Check out what my clients have to say and my personal story of transformation.

"Sari is amazingly talented."

I was not expecting to have such a dramatic shift, after a short and last minute session with Sari. She did a beautiful reframe for me around mindset.

It dawned on me a couple of days ago that I’ve been doing really well keeping up with my practices, then Sari asked if I had noticed any shifts since our recent session …. and I was like ohhhhhhhh SHIT!

I was listening to the recorded guided session, about 2-3 times afterwards, to really make sure that I drill it in, and it seems to be working!!! This is super exciting.

If you have any questions about hypnotherapy REACH OUT TO SARI, she’s amazingly talented and has a lot of knowledge in various healing modalities.”

- Sam Schaub

"I worked with Sari for a 6 week hypnosis package and WOW."

“My blocks were around money and confidence to step into my power, and she helped me to dissolve both.

Each session we would have conversation before the hypnosis which felt like a coaching session. She posed deep and relevant questions, and I often had many breakthroughs based on reflections just from our conversation.

She would then tailor my hypnosis to specifically rewire whatever I was working on. I felt inspired & capable to take action steps when our sessions were over.

I completely transformed the way I do my finances and I’ve been consistently paying off debts and attracting more income! I

felt out of control with money for a long time and I wholeheartedly believe our sessions have changed that for me.

I felt comfortable and safe with her as my guide. I would recommend anyone to help with whatever it is they need to overcome. Thank you for all you’ve done for me!”

- Cole Coffman

"Sari’s Hypnotherapy Sessions have landed at a very pivotal point in my journey where I’m navigating through a lot of anger, grief, and shame.

Her ability to patiently, compassionately and lovingly hold space as I unravel layers of subconscious programs is truly a gift. Through the intentional use of clarifying questions, guided visualizations and loving affirmations, with a soothing yet at times direct voice she guides you back home to your Higher Self. Our sessions together have felt like the perfect companion to the other tools I’ve been utilizing to going inwards. I feel so much lighter after our sessions through the emotional releases that have come up for me. What a gift! Thank you for your unconditionally loving presence and for being of service in such divine alignment.”

- Jessica B., Vancouver Island, Canada

"Working with Sari was super nurturing and gentle.

She could intuitively tap into what I needed to go deeper into my subconscious and confront the things I needed to process. Using visuals and techniques I could connect with, she was able to help me transform all the issues I was working with. It felt as if our session unlocked something in me to bring more joy and passion back into my life around my career as an artist.

Over the next few days, I could feel the fear and anger associated with those things dissolve and transform into inner child play, creating a reinvigorated excitement to explore what art now means to me.

I recommend Sari to anyone that’s seeking to dive deeper with their healing journey and explore the depths of their potential.”

- Nina C.

“The Results are EVIDENT!”

Never having done hypnotherapy before my session with Sari, I was a little nervous. But Sari was so soft and gentle that it made it easy for me to relax and ease into the process. And I have to say, the process was amazing! It felt like she was reading my mind the whole time! She guided me through a visualization/meditation that helped me realize a huge block I was having when it came to intimacy and my worth. A few days after my session, a series of synchronicities led me to find my passion and sign our highest-paying client for my partner and my business! I’m still unsure how she did it, but the results are evident! I 1000% recommend Sari and her one-on-one sessions. I can’t wait to see what further sessions with her might bring!”

- Dylan M.

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