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Welcome home to a Sacred Place for transformation.

Where hypnotherapy meets intuition-guided journeys into your subconscious

Certified Hypnotherapist, 

Master Imagery Facilitator,

and Reiki Practioner.

Through my journey of trials and tribulations, I discovered our most significant power.

The power of our mind.

With continuous practice, I reprogrammed the limiting beliefs that stopped me from achieving my highest potential.

Now, using those same tools that transformed my life, I provide people like you with a loving, nurturing space that accelerates change.


Do you have a little voice telling you you are not enough? Does it dictate the decisions you make?

Unconsciously causing you to make decisions based on fear and ultimately not living out your dreams.

A lot of people feel that way. Trust me; you are not alone in that.

What if I told you we could put that voice in the back seat? Allowing space for your higher, more loving self to take the wheel for a bit.

How Different would your Life be?

Hypnosis is an induced state that can relax and open the mind.

Using verbal repetition and mental images, we can access the automatic programming that prevents us from experiencing our highest self and living out our dreams.

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It is nothing like what you may have seen some “hypnosis” performers doing on stage, making people do funny things.

During my sessions, you are fully aware of and are entirely in control of what happens. It allows you to access and alter information within your conscious and subconscious minds.

Quickly and effortlessly transforming years of programming.



One-On-One Hypnotherapy

In a nurturing setting, we explore your dreams and desires to curate a plan of action that transforms your subconscious programming into alignment with your goals.

Deep Dive Hypno Packages

The Deep Dive Package is THE package I recommend to those serious about creating lasting change. We uncover your hidden depths and awaken you to your innate power.

Reiki Sessions

Do you feel out of balance or have low energy? Reiki is a hands-on and off-healing method that works on the mind, body, and spirit to ignite your internal healing power.

Oracle Readings

Answer your most burning questions using an Oracle Reading! Get a new perspective on your current situation that helps transmute any mental, emotional, spiritual, or energetic blockage.


Are you looking to learn more?

Let’s connect to find out what a one-on-one session might look like for you and what’s waiting to be uncovered.

“Sari’s Hypnotherapy Sessions have landed at a very pivotal point in my journey where I’m navigating through a lot of anger, grief and shame. Her ability to patiently, compassionately and lovingly hold space as I unravel layers of subconscious programs is truly a gift…

Through the intentional use of clarifying questions, guided visualizations and loving affirmations, with a soothing yet at times direct voice she guides you back home to your Higher Self. Our sessions together have felt like the perfect companion to the other tools I’ve been utilizing to going inwards. I feel so much lighter after our sessions through the emotional releases that have come up for me. What a gift! Thank you for your unconditionally loving presence and for being of service in such divine alignment”

Jessica B., Vancouver Island, Canada

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